Exploring Banteay Srey Package

The first destination of this tour will be Preah Khan temple one of the main temple stay on the line of grand tour just about 10 minutes drive from the north gate of Angkor Thom city. Preah Khan meaning ‘sacred sword’. This temple is huge, full of carvings, passages and photo opportunities. It originally served as a Buddhist monastery and school, engaging over 1000 monks and for a short period was the residence of King JayavarmanVII, constructed in the late 12th century. You will then be taken to Bantey Prei, a small temple and an interesting comparison with Preah Khan. Bantey Prei was constructed in the late 12th – early 13th century, during the reign of King JayavarmanVII.

After visiting Bantey Prei you will be escorted to Neak Pean, a small island temple. The Central temple sits on the axis or a cross or lotus pattern of eight pools. Originally known as Rajasri, Neak Pean means coiled serpents from the encoiled nagas that encircle the temple. After the main temple in the grand circle tour will continue to TA SOM Temple.

Ta Som temple part of the Grand Circuit, it is frequently skipped by tourists who are more interested in visiting the better-known sites in the park. If you choose to visit this often-overlooked temple, you will be well rewarded for the effort. It is quite likely that you’ll have the place to yourself, and you can take your time to explore the site in peace and take as long as you like to examine the well preserved bas-reliefs without being jostled by crowds. The impressive strangler fig embracing the eastern gate is very similar to the tree-covered temple of Ta Prohm made famous in “Tomb Raider”, but you won’t have to stand in line to get a photo, and you’ll have the leisure to take as many shots as you’d like. Ta Som is uniquely beautiful and you’ll enjoy it no matter what time of day you see it, but the best light for photographing the temple will be in the early morning or late afternoon Banteay Srey or (Citadel of the Woman) The trip takes approximately an 35 minutes from Ta Som temple. This temple loosely translates as “Citadel of the Woman” and is famous for the delicacy of its sculpture. Constructed under the powerful king of Rajendrawarman in the late 10th century; the color of the temple is best viewed before 10.30am and after 2.00pm. On the way to Bantey Srei you will make a short visit to Preah dak villages with the rice paddies and also you can see khmer local peoples make sugar palm and other handmade craft. This is a comparatively flat temple displaying distinctively Angkor Wat style architecture and artistry.

The trip will be end at Pre Rup which you can enjoy with sunset, the state temple of Rajendravarman II, constructed in the late 10th century.Although.

Remork & Guide (Maximum 3 persons) USD 67

Car & Guide (Maximum 3 persons) USD 90

Van & Guide (Maximum 7 persons) USD 95

Remork only (Maximum 4 persons) USD 27

Car only (Maximum 4 person )USD 45 

Van only (Maximum 7 person) USD 55

Please to inform you as package tour are with English speaking guide other languages it will be additional charge on your require. Please kindly note that the tour costs mentioned above is not include the cost of the Angkor Heritage Site park pass.

The cost for this pass is as follows: $37/day, $62/3days $72/7 days.

There is an additional admission fee for several other, more remote sites, as follows:

PHNOM KULEN USD 20 per person

KOH KER USD 10 per person 

BENG MEALEA USD 5 per person


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