Phnom Kulen ( Kulen Mountain) Package

 This is where the 500 years before “Age of Angkor” began. Phnom Kulen is the mountain on which King JayavarmanII initiated the royal “God of the King”. Soon after the ceremony Jayavarman II moved his capital from Phnom Kulen to the area near the modern town of Roulos, where it remained for almost a century before moving to the Angkor area. There are several minor ruins at Phnom Kulen including hundreds of lingas of Shiva god.

Bat Cave

Bat cave is home for thousands of bats in Mount Kulen area. Inside the bat cave also has a small Buddhist temple. The entrance road to the bat cave has very narrow stages, travelers should be careful when entering this area. Cave’s ceiling has some not very high positions. This is a favorite destination for adventurous travelers.               

Preh ang Thom pagoda in the Kulen Mountain

The entire Kulen forest has total 37 temples, thousand-year-old ancient temples, but the most special temple still is Preh Ang Thom where Buddha statue was carved directly into the rock. This statue is 9.7 meters long, 3.3 meters high. The old legend said that when building Angkor wonder, the Khmer received lots of help of the gods and this place has still preserved footprint till now which according to the legend was the God’s first right footstep with size of 2-meter-long and 0.4-meter-deep. The left footstep is on top of Mount Ba Kheng – far from Kulen mountain about 50 kilometers.

Car & Guide (Maximum 3 persons) USD 120

Van & Guide (Maximum 7 persons) USD 130

Car Only ( Maximum 4 Persons) USD 80

Van Only ( Maximum 8 Persons) USD 85

     Please to inform you as package tour are with English speaking guide other languages it will be additional charge on your require.

Please kindly note that the tour costs mentioned above is not include the cost of the Angkor Heritage Site park pass.

The cost for this pass is as follows: $37/day, $62/3days or $72/7 days.

There is an additional admission fee for several other, more remote sites, as follows:

PHNOM KULEN USD 20 per person

KOH KER USD 10 per person

BENG MEALEA USD 5 per person                


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